Gong Hay Fat Choy! for the Millennials

I’ve been in Northern California for about a week and a half now and to be honest, there isn’t much going on with me – other than the terrible 24 hour flu I managed to catch.  I’ve been sitting aroud pondering what I should write about this week.  Although I have a bunch of stuff on my backburner, I didn’t feel any of them were sufficient for this week’s post. Maybe it’s because I’m in beautiful Northern California sitting outside on a sunny 72 degree low humidity day while it’s Feburary in the rest of the world.  Maybe it’s because it’s Chinese New Year (okay, PC it’s the Lunar New Year – but hey, I’m Chinese so it will always be Chinese New Year to me). Maybe it’s because we all need to realize life isn’t like the Instagram photos we avidly mull over while we wish our life was as exciting as it seems someone else’s life is.

So here I am. Pondering on what I should write about this week and realizing that maybe I should write about nothing at all.  Not really nothing, but the absence of things to do – the slow inbetween time that most of our lives take up which is neither up nor down.

In reality it seems that I should not be sitting here right now thinking this is an ‘inbetween’ time.  This past week I celebrated my little brother’s brithday, my dad’s birthday and Chinese New Year.  I’m in California during beautiful weather in the middle of my five week trip around the US and I’m planning trips for the summer.  To top it all off, I’m in The Bay Area during Super Bowl 50 week.  It seems like I should have a lot of fun exciting things going on and places to be, but the reality is that things are slow and I’m okay with that.

I came to California to spend time with my family.  I only have the chance to see them once or twice a year and I thought it would be nice to spend a little extra time here since I have it.  As most of you can attest, when visiting family it’s a lot of sitting around and not much action.  I’m okay with this.  I like it.  I wanted a slow period to relax and just hang out.  I don’t want to be exhausted when I arrive in Columbus and then have to hit the ground running to find a job ASAP.

Which brings me to the other things I have been working/struggling with.  How to make money and travel?  I want a nice balance of having money so that I can spend it on traveling and still be able to pay my bills.  So what is that going to require?  How am I’m going to work when I’m always going on week+ long trips and why, with all the traveling I’ve already done, have I not figured this out yet?!?!  I guess this is the time of my life which I have the opportunity to figure it out.

So here’s to the slow periods of life.  The time we do, so that we can.  The time we have to figure our shit out.

Thanks for reading,
Meandering Mason

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