hello.  it’s me.

This week has been about reflection.   I have moved to Columbus.  I have unpacked (mostly) and I will be hosting a dinner party tonight.  A million things are running through my head.  Starting with:

What do I need to do for my life goals?  Should I sign up for Rosetta Stone?  It’s on sale.  Should I save the money instead and wait to start learning Spanish until next year, or maybe until after I’m off the trail?  Should I invest in a new laptop or iPad so I can work on my blog and my stuff for my friend’s company?  Should I tough it out with the ipad that I currently have (which is a little slow and the button doesn’t work on most of the time)?  Can I sign up for insurance and not pay an arm and a leg since I have no source of income?  What am I going to make for this dinner tonight??!?!?!?  Okay, that one I did already figure out, but it was on my list.

Not wating to stress you all out, let’s just recount my move to Columbus, Ohio instead.

I moved out of my New York appartment on Jan 27.  It was a sad day for me, which I filled with laughter, some friends and dim sum.  All great things in my life.  I then decided to take a gamble with trusting google maps.  I lost.  Literally.  I didn’t just lose in my gamble, I honestly was lost in New Jersey.  I then lost my mom, who was supposed to be following me.  I did find her –  in front of me, on the other side of the freeway, taking an exit.  I had to dart over 4 lanes of traffic in a minivan during the end of a weekend full of holiday traffic.  Honestly, it really was my fault that my mother lost me.  I was listening to Google and not the street sign.  This led me to New Jersey instead of the Bronx and on the the George Washington Bridge.  It then wanted me to go back over the GW in order to correct the mistake and cost both my mom and I $15 in toll money (total of $30).  Hello, no.  Not happening.  

Of course Google also refused to give me another option.  Nope.  That was the ONLY way to get home apparently.  This is why I don’t trust GPS.  I ended up pulling off the freeway into some little gas station which had parking spots and really was too small of a parking lot to have parking spots.  I looked up maps to see what my options were (by not using the GPS fuction) and then had to trick the GPS into thinking I was planning on going to Sleepy Hollow, NY instead of Canton, MA.  Side note, I wonder if Sleepy Hollow, NY is the one based off all those headless horseman stories?  I’ll have to check it out.  As a bonus, we were able to fill up with cheap New Jersey gas.

When we finally arrived in MA it was 9PM and I was tired.  I ended up spending the rest of the week cleaning up all my random stuff in my sister’s spare room which I will start occupying in May.  Then I finally reached out to my friends to let them know I was a terrible person and hadn’t let them know I’ve been in town for the past week and a half.  Luckily I was able to meet up with my friend Laura for one last night of 2015 spending it watching an epic adventure (Star Wars) while I was about to embark on my own epic adventure.  It was a great way to start the New Year, even if everyone in the theater was too engrossed in the saga to notice the changing into the new year.

We left MA on Jan. 2, 2016.  The drive to Columbus was a lot easier.  First off, we had two people driving one minivan.  Secondly, we made the 13 hour drive to Columbus in 12.  As I’m blowing past police on the side of the freeway the only thing I was thinking was, “at least I’m only going 9 miles over the speed limit.”  That was my goal.  Only go 9 miles over the speed limit and hope I don’t get a ticket.

We arrived at my friend Dustin’s house where I will be bunkering (is that a word?) down for the next 5 months.  We arrive around 9PM again, and again we were very tired.  Apparently so was Dustin.  We have been friends for so long (over half of our lives) that we now have no need for pleasantries, or even words for that matter.  There was no epic hug and jumping for joy to finally see each other for the first time in two years.  Nope, this hello required a small grunt which implied, “Hello, it’s me.  Glad to see you.” with a reply grunt in comfrimation saying, ” Glad you made it okay, let’s move your shit in.” 

Thanks for readying,

Meandering Mason

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