Goodbye New York, Hello Columbus

Well, the time has come.  I have moved out of my apartment, quit my job and started my new adventure.

It’s all going by so fast but at the same time seems so slow.  I know that in a few days I’ll be in Columbus, OH, but I’m enjoying the pace while I’m with family in the outskirts of Boston.  It’s great to see my nephews, even if they are quite literally hanging off me most of the time.  It has been nice to see all the family as well and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my friends up here while I have the chance.

Moving out of my New York apartment was almost a bust.  I’ve been so caught up in being in Boston, in vacation mode, that I completely forgot my apartment keys!  I was half way to New York when I realized and at that point it wasn’t worth turning around.  I thought it best to keep going and hope that I can get a hold of my landlord to let me in.

Luckily, my landlord’s son saved the day and let me into my apartment.  My friends and my mother were vigilant about packing up and cleaning my apartment.  So much so that we had everything done in two and a half hours.  It was amazing.  I’m pretty sure the thought of dim sum was dancing in all of our heads.  We had to finish quickly if we wanted to catch the tail-end of it.


I can honestly say we are also Tetris masters now.  I am a little nervous about all the stuff I’m bringing to my friend’s place in Ohio. Sorry Dustin! We loaded up one minivan with the items going to Ohio and one minivan with items going to Boston.  The Boston van wasn’t bad. Not much in it really  (although my sister might disagree). The Ohio van, on the other hand, is completely packed to the gills.  My friends were laughing because just when we thought we couldn’t get anything else in the van I would say, “oh wait!  There is one more thing that needs to be in there!” Somehow we still managed to get everything to fit. My mother is a little concerned that we won’t be able to fit our luggage into the van.  I have a feeling it will all work out.
image image


After the New Year, I will be heading off to Columbus to spend some much needed time with my friends.  It’s been a long while since I’ve seen some of them and I miss them all dearly.  I can’t wait to make some new memories and reminisce about old times.

So here it is. Goodbye New York, you will always have a place in my heart!  Hello Columbus, I can’t wait to see you!


Thanks for reading,  I hope this year is full of adventure, memories, and challenges.  Have a wonderful New Year!

Meandering Mason

One thought on “Goodbye New York, Hello Columbus

  1. So excited for you! Have a great trip and wonderful time in Columbus. Keep us posted on your adventures!!!

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