The end is near

Okay, so here is what happened.  Last weekend was an epic failure of mammoth proportions.  With my time dwindling in New York, I have been trying to cram in all my last items on my to-do in New York list. Two of these items happened to be the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and LIC Flea Unicorn Market – no, you will not see a unicorn.  It’s been called this (although I don’t think by LIC Flea) because is it a pop-up market.

What fun, I though!  Oh, what fun it was.

Sunday morning I pulled myself out of bed and got ready to go hiking.  I realized that it wouldn’t really be hiking, but I thought a nice stroll outside of New York City would be nice.  Bonus, I can take an MTA bus there.

Breech in trail - Jamaica Bay, NY
Breach in trail – Jamaica Bay, NY

I hopped on the bus and head out to Jamaica Bay only to discover NPS has closed the main part of the trail in order to remove an invasive plant species.  What did that mean for me?  It meant that I only spent about an hour in Jamaica Bay, half of which I was waiting for my friend to arrive – not that she was late, I was just a bit early.  It ended that I spent about 2+ hours traveling to Jamacia Bay only to ‘hike’ for about 45 minutes.

Our next plan was to meet at my house at 3PM for the Flea Market trip as not everyone wanted to head out to Jamaica Bay.  We arrived back at my house at 1:30 and thank goodness for my friend Tricia. She was gung-ho to start packing my apartment up with the extra time.  We were in a groove so when Alexis arrived she, unfortunately, had to wait a little bit while we came to a stopping point.

We headed out to the Unicorn Market in anticipation of the Arapas Lady.  We were hungry, a little tired and very much looking forward to the flea market.  We arrived at the bus stop just in time to see the bus driver pull away.  Now, this is New York.  When I miss a bus, I don’t think much about it as there will normally be another one in the next few minutes.


Apparently we were also on the mythical bus line that only runs twice an hour.  The next bus wasn’t for another 30 mins.  Damn me for not checking the bus schedule before I left!  We jumped into a taxi instead, which surprisingly, again, Queens Blvd. is not an easy place to grab a cab.

Finally arriving at the Flea Market, we realized most of the food vendors were shut down, including the Arapas Lady.  We made the most of it.  Tried a few dishes. Spent way to much money on those few dishes.  Sat in a cold room, which was also a little surprising as it has been in the 60s for the past few weeks.  Then headed off to find the bus.

We were being smart this time.  We check the bus schedule.  We left early to find the bus.  We, again, saw the bus pull away.


This time we decided to sit around the stop for the next half hour playing games on my phone.  We were NOT going to miss the bus again!  When the bus eventually arrived, the driver turned off the bus and said we were at the wrong stop.  I’m sorry, what?  There is a sign here.  It says it is a bus stop.  It matches the number on your bus. You drive a bus and it has stopped at this spot. Why are you not picking up from here?

Luckily he directed us to the correct stop which we arrived at in time to catch the bus and head home.

It’s funny, although it was an epic failure of a trip, I still had a lot of fun.  I loved hanging out with my friends and how we, although frustrated, were laughing at the situation.  It was fun to be around them.  Even though this is not my #1 most epic New York adventure failure, the top stop going to when I was locked on a rooftop, I will probably remember this for a while and every time I thinking about Jamaica Bay, I will remember these two wonderful ladies.

I will also remember to plan better.

Thanks for reading.
Meandering Mason

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