The journey begins.

I’ll admit it.  I don’t tend to stay in one place for too long.  In the past 6 years I have lived in Nashville, SF Bay Area, London, Thailand, SF Bay Area again, Boston & New York City.  Last night my friend described me as, “the longest places I’ve ever lived was in my mother’s womb.”  Not quite accurate, but not too far off either.

So here I am.  Almost two years into my New York City stint and realizing the only thing keeping me here are my wonderful friends (very, very wonderful) and a crap job with no career advancement opportunities.  After a year of searching for a new job and coming up with absolutely nothing I realized it might be time for me to focus on some of my other life goals:

  • Build a tiny house
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Travel – everywhere
  • Help my friends with some of their projects
  • Maybe hike some other trails
  • Be in a flash mob

Okay, I might need to do the flash mob sooner than later as I think it would be epic to flash mob in NYC, but all my other goals in life require me to not live in the city where half my net income goes straight to rent.  Knowing that my loving friends will always be a part of my life, I came to the conclusion that it was time to move along.

Here comes the count down.  I plan on my last day at my current company to be Dec 31, 2015.  I’ll be giving notice on my 2 year anniversary and heading off for a new adventure to accomplish as many goals as possible over the next 2 1/2 years.

I always hear stores about people who quit their high paying career focused jobs to go run amok around the world.  It’s not very often I’ve heard about someone giving up a crappy job to follow their dreams, whatever it may be.  Since this is what I’m doing, I’ve decided to start a blog and see how far I get with it.

Thanks for reading!
Meandering Mason

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